2016 Summer Reading
Students must read Legend by Marie Lu and Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. When you return to school the first week of September, you will be given a test so that I may evaluate your comprehension of the books and your writing abilities. 
Please keep a reflection notebook on the two required readings. Entries need to include title, date started, date completed and reflections on Literature Elements including Setting, Plot, Characterization, and Theme. Do not use any print or non-print resources in lieu of reading the text---I want to know what you understand and think about the text! 

2016-2017 Supply List
Loose Leaf Binder and (5) Tab Dividers
Spiral Bound Notebook and folder for handouts
Composition book to be used as a journal--can be a thin one or a used one that has spare pages
50 Post It Notes
50 3x5 Index lined index cards