Welcome to the Parent School Alliance for The Academy for Allied Health Sciences.

If you look to your right you will find every form you need to order Spiritwear, join our Membership or help in our Fundraising restaurant nights. Membership ($15 yearly of $60 for four years) is due in to the office by September 30, 2013.

Print off the flyers to bring with you to the restaurant and you will be helping our PSA fundraisers. Every time you participate our school we receive a percentage back to our PSA!

The Spiritwear, restaurant nights out, and the Pretzel Sales, are our only fundraisers for the PSA.

The funds we raise provide monies for the Senior Award, HOSA, National Honor Society, Teachers Appreciation Breakfast and Lunch, Project Graduation, Parent Education nights, and many more.

The PSA hopes you will show your support. Please contact me if you would like to run any committee below that is bolded.

You can reach me at the PSA email at aahs_psa@yahoo.com and I will get back to you immediately. If you need more information regarding the committees please review the Committee Descriptions to your right.

Thank you,

Marianne Jennings

AAHS PSA President

Executive Board:
  • President  Marianne Jennings
  • Vice President
    Jill Kaufman
  • Secretary  Lester Neal
  • Treasurer Diane Taylor
Committee Chairs:
  • Barnes and Noble Fundraiser Deborah Neal
  • PSA Bulletin Board  Avonia Miller
  • Clothing Drive Kathy Estler and Dave Romanovich
  • Correspondence
  • Union County Chair Avonia Miller
  • Dance Chaperones
  • Drivers Ed Marianne Jennings
  • National Honor Society James Brett
  • Fundraisers Carol Donahue
  • Membership Anne Cafiero
  • Newsletter
  • Pretzel Sale Jill Kaufman
  • Picnic in the Park Marianne Jennings
  • Project Graduation Marianne Jennings
  • Pot Luck dinner Sue Bigham
  • Publicity
  • Refreshments
  • Relay For Life  Sue Ionnauo
  • Teacher Breakfast  Julie Didzbalis 
  • Teacher Luncheon Julie Didzbalis 
  • Volunteer coordinator Laura Paiva
  • Senior Award James Brett
  • Scholarships

Student Representatives for the PSA

  • Senior Rep Sabrina Shih
  • Junior Rep Josh Kamath
  • Sophomore Rep Brennan Taylor
  • Freshman Rep Alicia Neal
  • Spiritwear Adina Sklar and Autumn Patterson

Anything that is blank and in bold we are still looking for that position to be filled.