Newton's Laws
Name: Dr. Jia Fang
School: Magnet High School 
Subject: Physics I, AP Mechanics, AP Electricity and Magnetism 
Classroom/Bldg.: Room 212, Mancuso Hall
Phone Ext: 230
Welcome to MHS physics course page.  This website is the primary tool for after school communication with students in my classes.  Students can find all course-related materials under each individual course links, including course description, daily assignment, class note, lab template, and event announcements.
The main goal of the physics courses is to develop students' problem solving and critical thinking skills through investigation of physical world around us.  Physics is a fun while very challenging course.  Algebra and Basic Trigonometry are needed for Honor Physics, and AP calculus for AP Physics C courses.  Work hard from the very first day of the school year, and get help if needed.
In school extra help:
* Co-curriculum period extra help: daily except the day of lab meeting, period 5 & 6, Mancuso Room 212, 
* Physics club extra help,  Mancuso Room 212, time to be announced
* NHS peer tutoring