French Pastries
Name:Chef Ted DiIorio
Subject:Baking/Pastry Arts
Classroom/Bldg.:012?West Hall
Phone Ext:377

The BAKING program at UC TECH offers the very best in commercial training. In BAKING, everything from breads to classic desserts to elaborate showpieces are taught. Instruction includes the proper use of tools and equipment, the understanding and use of baking materials and ingredients as well as commercial baking methods. Students will learn to make breads, cakes, icings, pies, custards, pastries, buns, biscuits, cookies, donuts and muffins. Once the basics are mastered, students progress to cake decorating and finishing, fancy pastries, desserts and specialty items.

In addition, the curriculum includes sales and merchandising, customer relations and related mathematics. Students have an opportunity to sell their baked goods in the school’s own supermarket. Upon graduation, students are qualified to work in retail bakeshops, specialty bakeries, restaurants, catering, supermarkets and mass production baking companies.