The signing of the Declaration of Independence
 Name: Bill Hilferty
School: Academy for Performing Arts
Subject: Social Studies
Classroom/Bldg.: APA Room 101
Phone Ext: 709
Welcome to Mr. Hilferty's webpage!  I teach US History I and US History II at UCVTS. I graduated with a B.A. in History at Rutgers University.

On this site, students and parents can access the various pages for each class. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the class! Click the links on the side for additional information.
Students will take a pre-assessment about their knowledge of major topics in American History. This will include topics they will learn from US 1 (like the American Revolution, Slavery, Civil War, etc.) Pre- assessment will be a short test, and will include multiple choice, true and false, and a short response section. A rubric will be provided for the short response section. Throughout the year, students will be assessed on these topics on regular tests and quizzes as benchmarks. In April, students will take a post test, which will be similar to the pre-test, to see how they have grown.
Supplies needed for the 2017-2018 School Year
                                         1.) One  folder
                                    2.) One flash drive for school projects
                                    3.) Pens or Pencils
                                          4.)  Access to your UCVTS Google Drive Account (we will us this often) 
                                          5) School issued chrome book- must bring this every day.