• Chemistry
    Name: Dr. Hongmei Li
    School: UCTECH
    Subject: Chemistry I
    Classroom/Bldg.: Room 808 - West Hall New Addition
    Phone Ext: 873
    Email: hli@ucvts.org
    Supplies for Chemistry 1 (2019-2020)
    3-ring binder ( 1.5" or 2" )
    loose leaf paper 
    pens, pencils, erasers
    scientific calculator (The calculator does not have to be a graphing calculator.  TI-30 scientific calculator will be sufficient)
    Each student is issued a copy of the textbook: Chemistry: Matter and Change by Buthelezi, Dingrando, Hainen et al.  
    Once the school year starts, Classroom.google.com has important information regarding test dates, upcoming due assignments, and other information. Please visit that site and login using your school email for more information.