• Sports
    Each year the school focuses on a particular "major" sport for half of the marking period. This sport will be focused on, with special attention being given to history, rules, and skills. The topic will conclude with a quiz on the subject matter covered. 
    This year, the Major Sport is Soccer.
    • Self Assessments- Pre - 11 points, Post - 6 points
    • Participation- 10 points daily *See below.   
    • Quizzes- one 15 point quiz on the "Major Sport"
     Participation is worth 10 points daily. Below are the expectations for a 10 point performance. Once a student is on time and prepared for class, they begin with 10 points and lose points for each infraction or failure to perform one of the expectations.
    • Student is on time and prepared. These are considered prerequisites for proper participation. While a student does not earn any points for accomplishing these tasks, they will lose points for not accomplishing them, as they are necessary for safe participation
    • Student completes a warm-up that engages large muscle groups in a cardiovascular activity order to raise their heart rate, increase blood flow, and warm their body up , preparing them for safe participation.
    • The student makes themselves available for game play throughout the course of the game.
    • The student makes an active attempt at a play when one is reasonably available to them.
    • The student listens to and follows all instructions given to the class involving safety, rules, and class activity.
    • The student demonstrates good sportsmanship, showing proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors.