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    Club Name: Relay for Life (AIT & UCTECH)
    School: AIT & UCTECH
    Advisor: Ginny Botti-Oels & Anthony Weiland
    Classroom/Bldg.: Rm 804 & AIT Gym
    Phone Ext: 436 & 886
    President: Julia Ellis
    VP of Logistics/Accounting: Hannah Seewald, Ruby Verga, Gracie Geoffroy
    VP of Kickoff/Administrative Liason: Melinna Cabral
    VP of Mission/Opening & Closing Ceremony: Kayla Pierre, Alida Solfaro
    VP of Survivorship & Luminaria Ceremony: Harlie Dultz
    VP of Prevention & Spirit of Relay Ceremony: Luana DaLuz
    VP of Activities: Louisa Sperrazza, Riya Bansal
    VP of Decorations: Natalia Szcepaner, Daniela Donicova
    VP of Fundraising/Community Outreach: Angalina Gutierrez, Estefania Castillo, James Bokoske
    VP of Communications/Public Relations: Nicole Ferguson, Justin Zimmerman
    RFL Google Classroom: v1o3ocz 
    RFL website: www.relayforlife.org/UCVTSNJ
    RFL KICKOFF: Nov 21, 2018
    RFL EVENT: March 22-23, 2019
    6pm-check-in starts please check your time slot
    6am Please  pick-up behind Bistocchi Hall
    Bring your Student ID to event to swipe in!!!
    Important dates
    12/11 - Register your team online (RFL Website)
    12/12 - School and ACS Permission Slips due
    12/12 - Chaperone Information sheet & agreement due
    12/12 - Team information sheet due
    1/16 - Survivor inofrmation, lap tracker completed, and individual shield outline due
    1/18 - Chaperone T-shirt form due (optional)
    3/13 - BANK DAY.  $225 per team member due
    Juniors & Seniors Drivers:

    *If it is absolutely necessary for your child to drive home from the event, you must submit a note by February 13, 2019. Your child will be required to sleep for at least 4 hours during the event. No student will be allowed to leave the event prior to dismissal at 6:00am*

     All important forms can be found on the RFL Google Classroom