• The COMMERCIAL ART program at UCTECH links traditional art and design with the new technology of computer graphics. The goal of the program is to prepare the student for the changing workplace where more and more computers are being used to create and transmit visual images.
    The COMMERCIAL ART program offers the serious art student an opportunity to enhance his/her skills through instruction that includes advertising art and design principles and techniques, illustration methods, art production, typography, digital photography, as well as in-depth instruction in computer graphics and desktop publishing.
    Using only state-of-the-art equipment, students are introduced to industry preferred software, including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop as well as color scanning and laser printing. The program uses the latest technologies and techniques to enhance the artist’s creative vision and ability to communicate. Artistic ability is required and a basic knowledge of computers is helpful before enrolling in COMMERCIAL ART.
    Upon completion of the program, students will have a portfolio to be used on job or college interviews. Graduates of the program areprepared to enter the workforce as entry-level graphic artists or continue their education at two or four year colleges in such majors as Graphic Design, Advertising Art and Design, Visual Communications, Multi-media and Animation.