• COSMETOLOGY is an art and a science involving the study of the skin, hair, scalp and nails. To be a cosmetologist in New Jersey, students must pass the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology Licensing Exam. To be eligible to take this exam, a student must have a high school diploma and complete 1000 hours of training in a certified program.
    Students who enter UCTECH’s COSMETOLOGY program as high school sophomores will be able to complete the required 1000 hours during their three years. Students who enter the program as juniors or seniors will not be able to complete the required hours by the time they graduate from high school. There will be opportunities throughout the school year for students to
    accumulate additional hours. Students who do not complete the required hours while in high school can complete them after high school in the UCTECH’s Adult Education program.
    The program includes specialized classroom training in hair and scalp analysis, finger waving, setting and hairstyling techniques, hair coloring, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, hair cutting, skin care, barbering and shaving, manicuring, pedicuring, facial, make-up techniques, hand and arm massage, wig and hairpiece styling, as well as anatomy and physiology, sanitation and sterilization and salon management. Students receive“hands-on” experience by using mannequin heads and live models. The proper use of tools and equipment, safety procedures and state laws and regulations are important elements of the curriculum. Students are required to purchase a cosmetology kit from the school at the beginning of a student's first year. The kit includes professional equipment such as scissors, combs and rollers, etc. as well as a lab coat, books, and computer-based supporting materials.