If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Faculty Council, you may appeal your non-selection decision as follows:
    Step One.
    After receiving your non-selection letter, you have two weeks to appeal the decision.  The first step is to e-mail the adviser to set up a time to meet with him and the principal.  At this meeting the reasons for non-selection will be discussed.  The non-selected candidate cannot refute these reasons, but may take the next step to further explain how they meet the requirements of National Honor Society.
    Step Two.
    Write a letter addressing the Faculty Council about the criteria you did not meet.  In this letter you should explain further the activities you have done that support the fulfillment of the criteria that was not met.  This letter must be written within two weeks of the meeting.  The Faculty Council will then review the letter and will make a new decision about the candidate.
    Step Three.
    If the candidate is not satisfied with the Faculty Council's decision; they may appeal to the principal and adviser.