2019 - 2020 Supply List
    Welcome Freshman!
    • 3 ring binder or a notebook (any size/subject) may be used instead of a binder but please make sure it has perforated pages(please do not share with other subjects)
    • 3 dividers to separate sections (binder)
      • Do Now/Notes - lined paper
      • Practice WS- lined paper (graph paper is optional)
      • Assessments
    • Must use pencils for all assesments in my class (tests and quizzes)
    • Must have 2 or 3 packs of dry-erase markers, any color and size is fine - NO SCENTED MARKERS PLEASE! they are very difficult to erase on the mini whiteboards. Fine tip is highly recommended.
    • Highly recommend a Ti - 84 Silver Plus/C graphing calculator - I may/may not have calculators to lend out in class, they can not leave my room or be taken home.
    • *If purchased, you will be using it all four years of high school in math/science classes, every state test/exam, and in college.