The Academy for Performing Arts named 2016 National Blue Ribbon School

    The Academy for Performing Arts is one among 279 public and 50 private schools receiving this honor.  Kelly Douglas-Jackson and Sue Anne Marcello represented the Academy for Performing Arts at the two-day awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., to celebrate their hard-won achievements.

    For more information about the National Blue Ribbon Schools program, please visit http://nationalblueribbonschools.ed.gov/

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  • Our Mission Statement

    The Academy for Performing Arts is an innovative four year high school, immersing students in honors’ level academics while training in a pre-professional artistic setting within majors such as theatre, dance, or technical theatre.  The Academy fosters the discipline, integrity and passion necessary for students to succeed at the post-secondary level and as members of the performing arts community. The culmination of the program allows the students to complete their senior year by taking college-level courses and receiving college credit at Kean University.

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    Almost Maine

    September       Time
    18-Sep Auditions     3-5:30
    19-Sep Callbacks     3-5:00
    20-Sep Callbacks     3-5:00
    26-Sep First Read Through   (entire cast) 3-5:00
    27-Sep Prologue/Epilogue and Scene 4     3-6:00
    28-Sep Scene 1     3-6:00
    3-Oct Scene 2     4-6:00
    4-Oct Scene 3     3-6:00
    5-Oct Scene 5 & 6     3-6:00
    10-Oct Scene 7 & Work Scene 4   OFF BOOK Scene 4 3-6:00
    11-Oct Scene 8     3-6:00
    12-Oct Work Prologue/Epilogue, Scene 1   OFF BOOK 3-6:00
    17-Oct Work Scene2 & 3   OFF BOOK 3-6:00 
    18-Oct Work  Scene 5, 6, & 7   OFF BOOK  3-6:00 
    19-Oct Work Scene 8   OFF BOOK 3-6:00
    24-Oct Stumble Thru Show   (entire cast) 3-6:00
    25-Oct Clean up Scenes 1-4     3-6:00
    26-Oct Clean up Scenes 5-8     3-6:00
    1-Nov Run Show   (entire cast) 3-6:00
    2-Nov Run Show   (entire cast) 3-6:00
    6-Nov Start Tech- Cue to cue   (entire cast) 3-6:00
    7-Nov Tech/Costume Parade   (entire cast) 3-6:00
    13-Nov 1st Dress   (entire cast) 3-6:00
    14-Nov 2nd Dress/Pics   (entire cast) 3:00-6:30
    15-Nov Final Dress ` (entire cast) 3-6:30
    16-Nov Show   (entire cast) 7, 6  call time
    17-Nov Show   (entire cast) 7, 6 call time
    18-Nov Show    (entire cast) 7, 6 call time


    We need responsible, flexible actors who take this production seriously
    and conduct themselves professionally!

    • I will do my best to get you out on time every day – Please do your best to be on time every day.
    • We may need to rehearse later as we get closer to show time.
    • We may need to add Mondays, as we get closer to show time.
    • Please note the dates that you are required to be Off Book!
      If we are “working” your scene you need to be off book.

    Thank you- this is going to be FUN!!!

    Ms. Aiellos


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Dance Department Newsletter

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    Blue Ribbon



          Excellence in Action Award    


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