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                                      Kelly Douglas-Jackson   Principal                    Sue Anne Marcello    Teaching Supervisor


    Mission Statement: The Union County Academy for Performing Arts is an innovative four-year high school, immersing students in honors’ level academics while training in a pre-professional artistic setting within majors such as dance, theatre and technical theatre. The Academy fosters the discipline, integrity and passion necessary for students to succeed at the post-secondary level and as members of the performing arts community. The culmination of the program allows the student to complete their senior year by taking college-level courses receiving college credit at Kean University.


    Academy for Performing Arts Vocational Course Sequence

    Grade 9

    Dance I, Theater I, Technical Theater I

    Grade 10

    Dance II, Theater II, Technical Theater II

    Grade 11

    Dance III, Theater III, Technical Theater III

    Grade 12

    Dance Majors: Technique & Theory of Ballet*, Technique & Theory of Modern*, Technique & Theory of Jazz*, Dance Styles*

    Theater Majors: Advanced Scene Study*, Performer’s Presence*, Improvisation*, Dance Musical Theatre*

    Technical Theater Majors: Kean University courses in Theater Design and Technology*

    *Kean University course


    Articulation Agreement with Kean University: The Union County Academy for Performing Arts, in conjunction with Kean University, provides its students the opportunity to earn college credit.  Students spend their high school senior year at Kean University taking a full freshman college course load, which includes a concentration in their Performing Arts major.  In addition, students are given the opportunity to select courses from Kean’s highly selective NJ Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum.  Credit and grades earned through this collaborative program appear on an official transcript from Kean University.

    Advisory Board
    : The Academy for Performing Arts works in close conjunction with members of the performing arts community in order to help our students prepare for the challenging demands of a career in the arts.  Our advisory board consists of members from Kean University, Rutgers University, George Street Playhouse, Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, The Pineda Conservatory, Playwright’s Theatre, and APA parents, students, and faculty.