• Union-County Vocational-Technical Schools offers five unique full-time, four year high school programs.  Students must apply to attend our programs in the fall of their 8th grade year and begin as freshmen.  We do not accept transfer students into our full-time high schools.   
    For more information on our full-time admissions application process, please click here.
    Full-Time Opportunities

    The Academy for Allied Health Sciences 
    – a full-time four year high school for students with interest in the health care field. Students enrolled in this grade 9-12 full-time program will participate in a comprehensive program designed to prepare the doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and health care managers of tomorrow.

    The Academy for Information Technology – a full-time four-year high school that draws students with a keen interest in the ever-evolving field of computer science and information technology. Students enrolled in the Academy pursue a college-level technical training program in computer science and a full regimen of honors level academic classes.

    Magnet High School – winner of the Governor’s School of Excellence Award, recipient of the New Jersey Star School designation and recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School, the Magnet is one of the region's most competitive and successful specialized programs. Students enrolled here follow a comprehensive course of study in engineering as well as mathematics, science and technology.

    The Academy for Performing Arts this program offers intensive study in theatre arts and dance and a rigorous academic curriculum.  The program culminates with a senior year at Kean University where students will take a full freshmen college course load which will include a concentration in their performing arts major.

    Union County Vocational-Technical High School – full-time high school dedicated to advancing the learning and well-being of all students.  We are committed to ensuring high standards and challenging opportunities to students through the integration of rigorous academic and technical training.  We also strive to develop self-awareness, confidence, character, sensitivity to the environment and leadership skills.  Academic and technical disciplines are fully integrated; students will be consistently called upon to challenge their levels of learning through assignments and projects requiring application of knowledge across all disciplines.  IThe school offers six innovative and exciting career academies under the umbrella of the Union County Vocational-Technical High School: Clinical Care Academy, Exercise Physiology and Related Sciences, School of Design, Teacher Education Academy, and Academy for Law & Justice, and Sustainable Science Academy,