UCVTS College Representative Visits for the Fall

To visit our school’s Family Connection site, use an Internet browser to connect to: http://connection.naviance.com/aparts/

You MUST sign up through Naviance in order to attend an on-campus college visit.

There are two ways to see when upcoming visits are:

1) Through a “Naviance Alert” which can be found in e-mail and on the Naviance Home Screen.

2) By logging in to the “Colleges” tab on Naviance and looking under “Upcoming visits”.

Once you have located a visit that you want to attend simply click “Sign me up”.

That will automatically sign you up. Yes, it is that easy. You must print out a copy of your visit confirmation. J


Your pass to actually attend the college visit is a print out of your registration confirmation SIGNED by the teacher whose course you are missing.