• Probability & Statistics

    Description: This course is primarily concerned with developing your understanding of the concepts of Probability and Statistics. We will be utilizing the concepts and various tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. You will routinely use technology such as graphing calculators and computer software to explore & reinforce concepts while working both individually and in small-groups. It is intended that you will gain a mastery of the material presented and exhibit skill and confidence as a problem solver. You will be expected to communicate mathematically, in both written and oral forms, while solving real-life problems.

    Basic Rules:
    1)         Be polite, responsible, and respect yourself and others.
    2)         Come to class on time and prepared with the required materials.
    3)         Attend to your personal needs before coming to class.
    4)         Follow directions the first time they are given.
    5)         Stay in your seats, raise your hand, and wait until called upon.

    Textbook and materials: You will be issued a textbook: Statistics Through Applications, second edition by Yates, Moore & Starnes (which needs to be covered by our second class meeting). You will be held financially accountable for any misuse or excessive wear of the textbook.


    It is highly recommended that you obtain a TI-83 plus or a TI-84 graphing calculator for use during the school year. Calculators owned by the school are available for use in the classroom only. Please obtain a three-ring loose leaf binder or other organized method that you will use for class. All quizzes, tests, handouts, homework, and class notes are to be kept. Your binder (or other organized method) will be used in determining your grade each marking quarter.

    Grading Policy: A grade of 65% is required to successfully complete the course.  There are four marking periods and each is worth 20% of the final grade.  The midterm and the final exams are each worth 10% of the final grade.  You will be evaluated each marking quarter in the following manner: Tests/Quizzes/Major Assessments - 65%, Graded Assignments/Classwork/Participation   - 20%, Daily Homework - 15%, Total:100%

    Assignments: Always keep up with and complete your assignments on time, because you must understand each topic in order to learn the next one.  Keeping up-to-date is an integral part of your success in mathematics.

    Homework is due on time at the start of the block or full credit will not be earned. Exceptions to this homework policy will be made for excused absences, with assignments due the following day.  Homework, projects and other written assignments will be collected at the beginning of the block in which they are due.  If an assignment is not ready at that time, it will be counted as late.  The grade on late assignments decreases 10% for each school day that it is late.
    Absences: Any assignment missed due to an absence must be made up in a timely manner as determined by the teacher. You will not be expected to take a test/quiz without prior exposure to the material. Please see me when you return to class.

    Calculators: There will be quizzes/tests in which the calculator will not be permitted.

    Participating: You are encouraged to raise their hands and participate in the class, whether that is answering or asking questions.


    Classwork/Participation Rubric






    Attendance / Promptness

    Student is late to class more than once a week and/or has poor attendance of classes.

    Student is late to class more than once every two weeks and regularly attends classes.

    Student is late to class once every two weeks and regularly attends classes.

    Student is always prompt and regularly attends classes.

    Level Of Engagement In Class

    Student never contributes to class by offering ideas and asking questions.

    Student rarely contributes to class by offering ideas and asking questions.

    Student proactively contributes to class by offering ideas and asking questions once per class.

    Student proactively contributes to class by offering ideas and asking questions more than once per class.

    Listening Skills

    Student does not listen when others talk, both in groups and in class. Student often interrupts when others speak.

    Student does not listen when others talk, both in groups and in class.

    Student listens when others talk, both in groups and in class.

    Student listens when others talk, both in groups and in class. Student incorporates or builds off of the ideas of others.


    Student almost always displays disruptive behavior during class.

    Student occasionally displays disruptive behavior during class.

    Student rarely displays disruptive behavior during class.

    Student almost never displays disruptive behavior during class.


    Student is almost never prepared for class with assignments and required class materials.

    Student is rarely prepared for class with assignments and required class materials.

    Student is usually prepared for class with assignments and required class materials.

    Student is almost always prepared for class with assignments and required class materials.

    MHS Academic Honesty Policy: Pupils are expected to be honest in all of their academic work – they will not engage in any of the following acts: Cheating on Exams, Facilitating Academic Dishonesty, Plagiarism, Falsifications, etc.

    Tutoring: You will have the opportunity to go for extra help in the Math Resource Room. I will be available for tutoring or extra help after school and during select periods during the day. Please let me know when you are coming in. Students are highly encouraged to seek out peers and form study groups. 

    Technology Policy (Chromebooks, Cell Phones, etc…): Personal cell phones and Chromebook use is not permitted, without teacher permission. If unnecessary and/or frequent use of any of these forms of technology are apparent, resulting consequences may include loss of class participation points and/or parent contact.

    Any cell phones ringing during class will be confiscated according to MHS policy. During ALL exams, cell phones will be turned off and placed in a central location in the classroom. In case of emergencies, please have your parents call the main office: (908) 889-8288 ext. 200.  

    Students may not use Chromebooks for gaming purposes during class time or classwork period of the class.

    Power School & the Parent Portal: All grades or assignments entered into Power School Grade book are NOT final until you have received the actual exam back! Resource Websites:

    www.purplemath.com                   www.hippocampus.org                 www.brightstorm.com         www.khanacademy.com

    How to Survive & Excel in Mr. Liu’s Class:

    1)      Participate in class.
    2)      Attempt every homework assignment.
    3)      Review mistakes made on old tests and quizzes, you will see it again at a later date.
    4)      Seek extra help when needed, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.
    5)      Do NOT ask for your grades immediately after taking your exam. They will be returned to you as soon as possible.
    6)      Do NOT ask to go to the bathroom during the main lesson.
    7)      When in doubt about grades on Power School – Re-read: Power School & the Parent Portal

    I look forward to working with all of you this year. Please know that I will do everything possible to make this a great learning experience for you! See me if you have any questions or concerns. My door is always open.