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    Teacher: Mr. Ron Jackson, M.B.A., M.A.Ed.
    School: Union County Career & Technical Institute
    Subject: Business Administration I and II 
    Building/Classroom: West Hall/321A
    Phone Extension: 908-889-8288 x369
    E-mail: rjackson@ucvts.org  
    Academic School Year: 2018/2019
    As a Teacher that always look to maximize students' engagement, at every opportunity I incorporate the 'Four Cs of 21st Century Education' in my classroom.  The Four Cs are: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration.

    The Business Administration (B.A.) program is uniquely structured to provide a diversified learning environment designed to prepare students to effectively operate, ensure success, and excel within the global and highly competitive business communities.  The basis of the overall curriculum integrates career development with information technology affording students the opportunity of obtaining the indispensable skills and confidence for pursuing their chosen occupational aspirations.  The program is comprised of both Level I and II students simultaneously.  Therefore, the lectures are uniquely structured to accommodate both levels.  In this manner, 1st year students are not only introduced to new course content specifically tailored for them, they are also afforded the opportunity to preview of the topics of Level II.  Similarly, 2nd year students are not only introduced to the concepts of accountability and leadership, and a broader exploration of both business and technology, they are also afforded the opportunity to revisit and reinforce the topics of Level I.

     As a result of a self-contained classroom setting, the lectures and activities allow students to be challenged on an individual basis, tailored to their specific needs.  First year B.A, students will study: career opportunities & planning, interviewing skills, resume writing, oral presentations, conflict resolution, problem solving, office support & management, personal finance, and business management concepts.  Second year B.A. students will study the  workforce community from a management and global perspective – thus offering a greater understanding of their roles as employees, prospective managers, and owners.  All students are exposed to financial media & concepts on a daily basis.  Additionally, as an advanced experience, and as student master the roles and responsibilities within the workplace, all students will engage in reality-based workplace scenarios.

     Additionally, students will incorporate reality-based computer skills exercises, in conjunction with their business career studies.  In order to provide a comprehensive learning experience, the computer curriculum is broad enough to expose students to key technology concepts which are tailored to each student’s ability, understanding and career aspirations.  Inclusive in the curriculum are: 1st year – keyboarding computer theory (utilizing “Typing Web” on-line application) , and Microsoft Office 2016 software applicatios (Word Processing, Excel, & Outlook); 2nd year – add PowerPoint (presentations), interviewing preparation, professionalism, importance of being client focused, and overview of global economic factors that affects their employment prospects.

     No matter what your career aspirations are, the Business Administration Program will provide you with the indispensable tools, and set of skills to make certain you reach your goals!