• The Secrets to Writing a Successful Business Plan

    by Hal Shelton Year Published: 2014

    Secrets to Writing a Successful Business Plan: A Pro Shares a Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Plan that Gets Results by Hal Shelton will open your eyes to insider tips, hints, and techniques for creating a winning business plan. Nearly 50 percent of new businesses fail within five years. A well thought-out business plan can dramatically turn the odds in your favor. With this easy-to-follow guide, you will: • Discover why you need a business plan and the best style for you • Receive step-by-step guidance for creating each section of your plan • Write your plan as you go using worksheets in every chapter (link to www.score.org/secrets_business_plan) • Get proven strategies for obtaining bank loans and attracting investors • Spend less time writing your plan and more time setting up your business • Learn how to create a business plan for a nonprofit Are you planning to start a business, grow an existing business, or start a nonprofit? Wherever you are in your journey, you have a need to develop the knowledge and plans to guide you to a successful business operation. While this learning and planning process takes many forms, shapes, and levels of intensity, it is all considered part of the business planning process. If you are in any of the above stages with your business, this book is written for you. It is for entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a small business or nonprofit, and for small business owners who want to grow an existing business or solve an operating problem. This book will also help if you are looking for assurance that you are headed in the right direction, seeking help with a section of your business plan that you do not understand, feeling that a section of your business plan is not robust enough and want pointers, or wanting to learn where and how to apply for funding. Entrepreneurs should always surround themselves with mentors and advisors, so you will also find ideas on where to find these valuable resources. The Secrets to Writing a Successful Business Plan is packed with actionable advice and real-life examples from Shelton’s experience as a senior executive, SCORE small business mentor, and angel investor.

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  • Small Time Operator: How to Start Your Own Business, Keep Your Books, Pay Your Taxes...

    by Bernard B. Kamoroff C.P.A. Year Published: 2013

    Written for small businesses, self-employed individuals, employers, professionals, independent contractors, home businesses, and Internet businesses, Small Time Operator is the most popular business start-up guide ever. In clear, easy-to-understand language, the author covers getting permits and licenses; how to finance a business; finding the right business location; creating and using a business plan; choosing and protecting a business name; deciding whether to incorporate; establishing a complete bookkeeping system; hiring employees; federal, state, and local taxes; buying a business or franchise; dealing with—and avoiding—the IRS; doing business on the Internet; handling insurance, contracts, pricing, trademarks, patents, and much more.

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  • A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing (Ninth Edition)

    by Burton G. Malkiel Year Published: 2007

    The million-copy bestseller, revised and updated with new investment strategies for retirement and the insights of behavioral finance.

    Updated with a new chapter that draws on behavioral finance, the field that studies the psychology of investment decisions, here is the best-selling, authoritative, and gimmick-free guide to investing. Burton Malkiel evaluates the full range of investment opportunities, from stocks, bonds, and money markets to real estate investment trusts and insurance, home ownership, and tangible assets such as gold and collectibles. This edition includes new strategies for rearranging your portfolio for retirement, along with the book’s classic life-cycle guide to investing, which matches the needs of investors in any age bracket. A Random Walk Down Wall Street long ago established itself as a must-read, the first book to purchase before starting a portfolio. So whether you want to brief yourself on the ways of the market before talking to a broker or follow Malkiel’s easy steps to managing your own portfolio, this book remains the best investing guide money can buy.

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    by Motorola Year Published: 1981 Effective Business Processes

    Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes. It uses a set of quality management methods, including statistical methods, and creates a special infrastructure of people within the organization ("Champions", "Black Belts", "Green Belts", "Yellow Belts", etc.) who are experts in the methods.  Each Six Sigma project carried out within an organization follows a defined sequence of steps and has quantified value targets, for example: reduce process cycle time, reduce pollution, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and increase profits.

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    by Porras, Emery, and Thompson Year Published: 2007 Work-Life Balance
    Imagine meeting more than 300 people who've made a profound difference: not for weeks or months, but for decades. Imagine discovering what they've got in common, distilling it into a set of simple practices, and using them to transform your life. Success Built to Last is culmination of the world's most thorough research project on lifelong success, this book draws on in-person conversations with hundreds of the world's most remarkable human beings. Authored by three legends in leadership and self-help -- including Built to Last co-author Jerry Porras -- it challenges conventional wisdom at every step. Meet world-renowned leaders like Nelson Mandela and Charles Schwab. Meet unsung heroes who've achieved lasting greatness without obvious power or charisma. Famous or not, they all started out ordinary. Discover how they learned how to "harvest" their strengths and their weaknesses, their victories and their surprising failures. You'll learn how they found meaning, and the courage to follow their passions. Above all, see how they've sustained success, while others faded into oblivion. 
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    by Robert Greene Year Published: 1998 Leadership

    The 48 Laws of Power are a distillation of 3,000 years of the history of power, drawing on the lives of strategists and historical figures like Niccolò Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, Carl von Clausewitz, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry Kissinger, P.T. Barnum  and Baltasar Gracián. The book is intended to show people how to gain power, preserve it, and defend themselves against power manipulators.  Each law is its own chapter, complete with a "transgression of the law," "observation of the law," and a "reversal."

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  • The Best Business Books Ever: The Most Influential Management Books You'll Never Have Time To Read

    by Basic Books Year Published: 2003 Business Education
    Every manager could benefit from a solid grounding in the history and evolution of business thinking. The Best Business Books Ever is a uniquely organized guide and an illuminating collection of key ideas from the 130 most influential business books of all time. It places both historical and contemporary works in context and draws fascinating parallels and points of connection.

    This one book highlights the information you need to know and why it's important to know it, and does it all in a succinct, time-saving fashion. Business moves faster than ever these days. For the businessperson who has a growing list of tomes that they can never quite seem to get to, The Best Business Books Ever is a must-have

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  • The Business of Belief: The World's Best Marketers, Designers, Salespeople, Coaches, Fundraisers

    by by Tom Asacker Year Published: 2013 Business Education

    "This is a short book. But I hope it takes you, like me, a long time to read it. The Business of Belief earns the word 'profound'—every sentence should be savored." —Tom Peters

    "Is this about marketing, life, spirituality, history, change or sales? Yes. A little book with a big idea." —Seth Godin, author of The Icarus Deception

    "This instant classic provides the key to motivating yourself, your friends, your family, your coworkers and your customers. A must read." —Inc. Magazine

    In this thought-provoking and entertaining book, Tom Asacker, author of Sandbox Wisdom and A Clear Eye for Branding, pulls back the curtain on the workings of the mind and reveals the hidden logic to motivating behavior, both in ourselves and in others.

    Whether you are launching a new brand or marketing campaign, selling products and services, coaching individuals or leading a team, this book will shatter your assumptions about leadership and the art of influence, and give you the invaluable insights required to understand and move others.

    The Business of Belief is Tom Asacker’s most compelling—and important—book yet. It will fundamentally change the way you think about your work and your life. Use it as your companion and as a guide in this fast-paced world overwhelmed by complexity and choice.

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    by Gerald A. Michaelson and Steven Michaelson Year Published: 2011 Business Education
    Business today is about getting the edge. As companies claw back from the depths of the recession, they need to know how to regain their customers, boost their profit margins, manage their workforce efficiently, and block the competition from cutting into their markets. More than twenty-five centuries ago, the brilliant Chinese military theorist Sun Tzu explained how to do all these things. True, he was talking about warfare. But as thousands of executives have discovered, his strategies apply equally well to today's business scene. Now a single volume brings together following three business classics: `Sun Tzu: The Art of War for Managers` that offers fifty rules by which to apply Sun Tzu's precepts to the problems managers face every day; `Sun Tzu for Execution` that expands Sun Tzu's philosophy to show how day-to-day decisions in business must be executed for maximum effect and profitability; and, `Sun Tzu for Success` that shows how to use Sun Tzu's text to master challenges and overcome the most important problems in your business and your life.
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    by Spencer Johnson, M.D. Year Published: 1998 Agility
    Most people are fearful of change because they don't believe they have any control over how or when it happens to them. Since change happens either to the individual or by the individual, Dr. Spencer Johnson shows us that what matters most is the attitude we have about change.
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