• Frequently Asked Questions
    If after reading through this page, you still have questions, please contact our Full-Time Admissions Office at ftadmissions@ucvts.org.


     My child is home-schooled.  Is she eligible to apply?
    Yes!  All students who are residents of Union County and currently enrolled in the 8th grade are eligible to apply.

    We live in Union County but my child attends middle school in another county.  Is he eligible to apply?
    Yes.  Eligibility is based on your resident town and is not impacted by the middle school the applicant attends.

    My son is in 9th grade this year and would like to apply.  Do you accept transfer students?
    We do not accept transfer students.  All students must begin our full-time programs as 9th grade students and attend all four years.

    I missed the application deadline but am still in 8th grade.  Can I apply late?
    No.  Due to the competitive nature of our application process we accept absolutely NO late applications.  All applications must be complete by the stated deadline.  For the Class of 2024, the application deadline is December 13th.

    Information Sessions

    Are information sessions for students or parents?
    Both!  All students considering applying to any full-time program at UCVTS must register and attend an information session.

    I attended an information session for my older son.  Do I have to attend again this year?
    Yes.  All applicants are required to attend an information session in the fall of their 8th grade year.

    I have twins.  Does each student need to register for an Information Session?
    Yes.  Each individual applicant is required to register for and attend an Information Session.

    I was unable to attend the Information Session I originally registered for.  Can I attend a different Information Session?
    Yes, however you must register for the new session.  Registration is required.

    How long are Information Sessions?
    Our Information Session is approximately an hour in length.  Info Sessions are followed by campus tours.  Expect to be on campus from an hour and a half to two hours.

    Where can I park for the Information Session?  Where is the Information Session held?
    Parking is available in any lot.  See campus map.  Information Sessions are held in the Bistocchi Hall Gymnasium.  Check-in will happen in the main entrance, located off the campus green.

    Application Process

    My daughter does not have first marking period grades yet.  Can she still submit her other materials?
    Yes.  We understand that students applying after our early fall Information Session may not have first marking grades yet.  You can send what materials you do have or wait to send a complete packet, as long as all materials are received by December 13th.

    Admissions Testing

     What topics are covered on the admissions exam?
    The multiple choice admissions exam for UCVTS covers Language Arts and Mathematics.  The exam encompasses materials covered in the New Jersey state standards in each subject.

    How long is the exam?
    The exam is two hours in total – one hour for the Language Arts section and one hour for the Mathematics section.

    How can I prepare for the exam?
    We do not recommend any specific preparation for the admissions exam.  We encourage students to review their 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and Mathematics notes.

    When will I receive more information about test day?
    Students with a completed application by the stated deadline will be mailed more information regarding the admission exam in early January.