What is National Honor Society for Dance Arts? The National Honor Society for Dance Arts is an elite society that celebrates the artistic and academic achievements of exceptional dance students. It helps to create honor and prestige within the dance field as well as awareness to those outside of the field. The NHSDA is sponsored by the National Dance Education Organization. The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of high quality education in the art of dance. NDEO provides the dance artist, educator and administrator a network of resources and support, a base for advocacy, and access to programs that focus on the importance of dance in the human experience.

    The Goals of NHSDA

    1. To promote and honor outstanding artistic achievement in dance students 11-18 years of age.
    2. To encourage young dance artists to be leaders in their communities. 
    3. To identify honor students of junior and senior high school age for nomination to the NDEO Artistic Merit, Leadership and Academic Achievement Award, one of the highest honors programs for dance in the United States.

    Eligibility and Criteria for Induction

    Student induction into the NHSDA is awarded on the basis of points earned for meritorious work in dance. Criteria for the Union County Vocational School Academy for Performing Arts NHSDA Chapter 17 are as follows:

    ·     Final GPA of 90 (starting class of 2020, the GPA is 92) or above in Dance and Dance Lab from Freshmen Year through to the end of Sophomore Year. 

    ·        Characteristics that exemplify cooperative teamwork, motivation, positive attitude, professionalism and etiquette, a willingness to learn and strong work ethic in technique class and rehearsal/performance environments. 

    ·         Full participation in Chapter Site Technique Classes, Rehearsals and Performances totaling a minimum of   pre-determined hours.

    ·         Chapter Site Dance-Related Community Outreach

    ·         Off Site Dance-Related Community Outreach

    ·         Direct participation/support and membership in Chapter Site Dance Club

    Inducted students must maintain their Chapter Site Dance GPA and selected Chapter Site Community Outreach activities  through to their Senior Year.   

    ·         *Note- Qualifying candidates will be inducted in their Junior Year.


    Benefits of NHSDA

    Inductees receive a Certificate of Membership, added prestige in scholarship applications and future resumes, wear NHSDA honor cords and gold honor pins during graduation ceremonies and are eligible to apply for the NDEO Artistic Merit, Leadership and Academic Achievement Award.  

    The NHSDA program brings well deserved recognition to outstanding students and our school.  Administrators will recognize the importance of dance as an art form and an academic discipline that contributes toward academic achievement, workforce skills, and life skills. The point system reinforces the values the dance educator considers important in dance, art, education and life. Congratulatory letters from the Executive Director of NDEO are sent to the principal, superintendent and state arts coordinator when a student/school progresses to national adjudication of the NDEO Artistic Merit, Leadership and Academic Achievement Award