• Our Philosophy
    The Union County Magnet High School provides students with a unique opportunity to pursue challenging academics at both the secondary and collegiate levels through special articulation agreements with local colleges and universities. The school’s effort to educate the whole person is enhanced by a culturally diverse student population which creates an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding; an optimum class size which fosters individualized instruction and increases student participation; state of the art facilities which provide experience working with modern technology; and a curriculum which is continually being reviewed and updated to best meet the needs of the students.

    The Magnet High School acknowledges that communication is vital to the development of a meaningful educational experience. This is achieved through strong student/staff relationships in which students often come to view teachers as trusted mentors who assist them in realizing their academic and personal goals; ongoing parental involvement with regards to both academic progress of individual students and overall growth of the school community; active discussion amongst faculty in both designing interdisciplinary curriculum and monitoring individual student needs; devoted and nurturing student services and support staffs; and a supportive and actively involved Board of Education and Administration.

    The school strives to instill strong personal values such as respect, tolerance, and social responsibility. These values are reinforced when academic and social education extends beyond the classroom through strong and diverse student activities. This combination of classroom and extracurricular experiences allows students to gain not only subject-specific knowledge but also the desire to become life-long learners.