• Full-Time Admissions Decisions
    Class of 2023
    For confidentiality purposes, all questions regarding the status of an application, including score information, must be submitted in writing to ftadmissions@ucvts.org and must be sent from an e-mail address associated with your child's application.   
    Important Dates
    February 1: Non-Qualified Letters Mailed
    All applicants that did not meet our minimum academic qualification of 65 out of 100 possible points will be mailed a letter.  For more information regarding our Academic Qualifications, please click here
    On or Before April 1Final Admissions Decision Letters Mailed
     All applicants that met our minimum academic qualification are mailed a final admissions decision letter.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    My child received a non-qualified letter.  Does this apply to all schools?
    Yes, the academic qualification minimums are the same for all schools at UCVTS.  If your child received a non-qualified letter, this applies to all schools.
    My child has excellent grades.  Can you tell me why she did not qualify?
    All requests for academic qualification information must be made in writing to ftadmissions@ucvts.org and must be sent from an e-mail address associated with your child's application.  
    My child did not receive a non-qualified letter.  Does this mean they have been accepted to UCVTS?
    No.  Applicants that do not receive a non-qualified letter have met the minimum academic qualifications in order to be considered for admissions.  Admissions decisions are made based on final admission score and school choice in comparison to other applicants from your town.  Final admissions decision letters will be mailed on or before April 1st.