First Name Last Name School Discipline Phone Ext. Email Address Webpage
Bonnie Baldasare UCTECH Horticulture x321 Click here
Jonathan Brooks UCTECH Health & Physical Education x434 Click here
Jennifer Calvelli UCTECH Teaching Supervisor x311 Click here
Dorinda Cosimano UCTECH Teacher of Health Click here
Ronald DelPrete UCTECH Health & Physical Education x436 Click here
Patrice DeMare UCTECH English x706 Click here
Jennifer DiBiase UCTECH Counselor x333 Click here
Kathleen Felezzola UCTECH Health Occupations x814 Click here
Jennifer-Lauren Foy (Haines) UCTECH Mathematics x718 Click here
Michelle Hauser UCTECH Guidance x341 Click here
Khurshid Junus UCTECH AP Biology and Psychology x430 Click here
Leslie Kepner UCTECH Graphic Design x357 Click here
Kayla Khaled UCTECH Spanish Click here
Jeff Lerner UCTECH Principal x308 Click here
Hongmei Li UCTECH Chemistry x873 Click here
Ann Marie Maher UCTECH Secretary - UCTECH x 884
Jenifer Manzione (Messinger) UCTECH Health & Physical Education x411 Click here
Karen Marotta UCTECH English x882 Click here
Lauren Martinez UCTECH Mathematics x871 Click here
Robert McCurley UCTECH Supervisor x888
Anne Marie McNamara UCTECH Mathematics x879 Click here
Rachel Migliorini UCTECH Counselor x360 Click here
Frank Minnella UCTECH Design/CAD Computer Aided Design x356 Click here
George Moutafis UCTech Social Studies x880 Click here
Ginny Oels (Botti) UCTECH Social Studies x868 Click here