Dear Parent/Guardian:

    Your child is enrolled in the Baking-Pastry Arts program at UCCTI.  In the UCCTI Baking Course, your child will learn how to work in a professional kitchen, with all the equipment and tools they would find in a real bakery/pastry shop.  As such, I would like to tell you what is expected and required of all students entering Baking for the 2018-2019 school year.

    All students will need to buy no less than two Baking uniforms.  It will be:

      1. 2 Checkered chef pants and 2 white chef jackets with school logo from approved vendor.
      2. Chef’s hat, or a neutral colored baseball cap for head covering, (student can opt to wear a hairnet if so desired)
      3. Non-slip rubber sole shoes.  NO OPEN TOE SHOES, FLIP FLOPS, OR HIGH HEELS PERMITED.
      4. I say two uniforms so the student will have a clean uniform to wear each day.  If you can afford it I suggest more than two so that you do not constantly have to throw the uniforms in the wash every day.  

    Being prepared every day for class means: CLEAN full (not partial) uniform, clean personal hygiene (especially clean finger nails without nail polish).  Uniforms and bodies that are dirty are unsanitary.  Just think about it this way: would you want the person cooking your food in a restaurant doing so with 3 days’ worth of food product (which could contain salmonella bacteria) smeared all over their uniform?  Just remember a lot of times your child will be bringing home items made in class.  We want everyone to stay healthy and that starts with students having healthy/sanitary habits in our kitchen.  

    Baking Class grading:


    Class performance is 60% daily grade (20% preparedness- Uniform, recipe book, note book. 20% Assigned work/project- Following directions, following recipe with no mistakes, keeping area clean and neat.  Finished product., 10% participation, 10% Cleanup sanitation.) Daily class performance grade will total up and count towards 60% of the final marking period grade. If a student misses a lot of days of school it’s very hard to make up those grades.  They need to ask how to make up their grade.


    Homework/tests 20%.


    The end of marking period assessments or term project will be 20% of the final marking period grade.  Projects are as follows:

    1st MP: Why I want to be a baker or chef essay,  

    2nd MP: Design your bakery project,

    3rd MP: Shark Tank, come up with proposal for new product with pictures, and instructions how to make it.  Must convince Mr. D. why you feel the new product would be successful in the store.  

    4th MP: Make your new product and sell it to the public.  Product with highest sales and feedback will win special award.  Last year I bought gift cards for the two winning students.

    Safety is a top priority.  Students must pass a safety test with a score of 100% before being allowed to work in the shop as mandated by state law.  Students are expected to act and behave in a safe manner at all times in the shop.  If a student causes safety issues, he/she may be dropped from the program.  We work with professional equipment from machinery to sharp knives, so it’s extremely important that all students follow safety rules and practices in the shop.

    Please remember that I wish nothing but success for all my students in the Baking Program.  It’s my desire to see each and every one succeed and either get a baking job after graduation or go onto culinary school to further their education.  But ultimately their success depends on them.  Help me give them the best possible chance at success.  Encourage them to be their best, remind them to be prepared each day.  

    I am always available to talk so feel free to either email me or call me.  Thanks in advance and I look forward to a productive and fun school year with all my students!

    Chef Ted DiIorio


    tdiiorio@ucvts.org  908-889-8288 ext. 377