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Mike Stauber

About Fitness and Health I Health Career Cohort (AAHS and UCTech Exercise Physiology and Clinical Healthcare)

Marking Period breakdown:

MP1: Project Adventure

MP2: Health

MP3: Fitness

MP4: Fitness


Project Adventure:

A challenge by choice curriculum designed to promote community and trust.  Through games, puzzles and activities we instill and cultivate the pillars of character in order to accomplish the capstone activities.  Ultimately students are given the opportunity to climb 3 elements each year.  This year we climb the Flying Squirrel, Rope Ladder, and the Rock Wall. 


Freshmen Health is comprised of two major topics: Drug Use and Abuse and Human Sexuality.  We treat this topics from a college level. 

Drug Use and Abuse:

Drug Use will focus on the facts about the drug first in order to understand addiction and abuse.  We will discuss where it comes from, how it effects the body, difference between medical and recreational use, addiction and dependence.  We will be discussing explicit aspects of drug addiction as well as direct and indirect consequences and side effects of drugs.   

Human Sexuality:

Treated as a mature discussion of facts, myths, and misconceptions.  We will talk about risky behaviors and safe practices for both contraception and STI prevention.  Since this is a subject often rarely talked about or handled properly we will use explicit and specific terminology.  Students will also be given a 2 week long Egg Baby project which will focus on personal responsibility, decision making, planning, special awareness, and parenting.  This project will represent a large portion of their grade for my class and as such should be taken very seriously. 


Fitness MP3:

This will be an introduction to fitness.  Students will learn and experience firsthand each and every major exercise and exercise style.  This is designed to enforce proper form, fitness center etiquette, respect, goal setting, and program design.  This is the feeling portion of fitness.  Students can and should be expected to work hard, work smart, sweat, and be sore (at times very sore).  This is intended and designed intentionally.  Students will learn their body’s limitations and experience self-restraint while maintaining on the path to their personal goals.  Journals will be needed for this class as students will learn to catalogue their workouts and results.


Fitness MP4: 

Using what they learned from the first marking period of fitness students will embark on a large project that will encompass the bulk of their grade for the marking period.  Heavy emphasis will be placed on anatomy and movement.  They will have a final exam which will comprise of both a written and practical portion in which they will demonstrate proper set-up, knowledge, and execution of a specific set of exercises.  Overall their Fitness experience will be made up of varying degrees of Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, and Kinesiology.