• Español II

     Grading Policy


    Sra. Khaled



    Course Goals:

    Welcome to Spanish II! This course will enable the Spanish language learner to develop and improve communication skills in the target language.  Through reading, writing, listening, and speaking Spanish, students will develop and build the necessary skills to communicate in the target language.  Students will also be exposed to the cultures of many Spanish-speaking countries.


    Required materials:

    • One (1) three ring binder with one (1) pack of filler paper (Dedicated to Spanish)


    • One (1) notebook with perforated pages (Dedicated to Spanish)
    • Two (2) writing instruments (must vary in color)
    • Two (2) Number 2 pencils
    • One (1) Spanish-English dictionary or home Wifi access


    This course consists of four (4) marking periods. Each marking period will be worth 20%, the mid-term is worth 10%, and the final exam is worth 10% of your final grade.

    Your evaluations will consist of the following:


    Tests and Projects                             35%

    Quizzes                                               20%

    Homework                                         20%

    Class work / Participation                25%



    Both major and minor assessments will vary in the four language learning skills (writing, speaking, listening, and reading). Grammar and cultural knowledge are part of our curriculum and both will be assessed. Tests will always be announced a minimum of one (1) week in advance.  Most quizzes will be announced in advance, unless it is a homework quiz. Projects will vary from individual to group projects. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the teacher of difficulties with projects at least two classes before the project is due.



    As an essential part of this course, it is expected that homework is completed prior to class. It will be checked, discussed, and/or used during class. If homework is not completed prior to class students must make arrangements with the teacher prior to the class for partial credit.  No homework will be accepted beyond 24 hours.  Homework completed during class will not be given credit. Students with an excused school absence will be required to turn in homework the class after their return. 






    Active use of a language is vital to comprehension and retention, regardless of grammar and pronunciation. This grade reflects active engagement in class discussions, in-class assignments, and equitable participation in partner and/or group work. Students are expected to arrive on time and be prepared for class. Students may be marked down for tardiness, lack of participation, lack of preparedness, or distracting/disruptive behavior.

    (this includes inappropriate cell phone, laptop, and/or tablet use).

    *Participation = Puntos (see below for rubric)


    Procedure for leaving the room and materials:

    Students that need to leave the room must ask in Spanish.  If a student needs a writing instrument or any other materials the request must be made in Spanish.


    Extra Help:

    Extra help is available every day during CO or through the Spanish Honor Society (SHS).   SHS tutoring forms can be found on the UCVTS website or in class.  It is not advised that a student wait until the day of an assessment to seek extra help.

    Digital help tools must be approved before use.

    *Google translate is not a dependable digital tool and should be used sparingly. 



    The student is responsible for missed assignments and class notes.  If there is a missing assessment due to the absence, the student must email the teacher to make arrangements for a make-up.  If no arrangement is made within a week of the student’s return the student will then receive a zero.  Projects are due the first day after the absence.    




    • Comply with school policies (e.g. no hats, gum, or cell phones)
    • Communicate in Spanish only
    • Arrive to class on time and prepared
    • Respect yourself enough to be your best self
    • Be courteous and respectful to everyone in class
    • Keep an open mind
    • Complete all activities with effort and dedication
    • Ask questions, get extra help, participate and have ganas