• This page serves to give parents and students general information on the course. There is a calendar below linking Google Classrooms for each class below. This will serve as a frame of references for assignment due dates. All PowerPoints and class resources are available on Google Classroom.

    The Geometry/Trigonometry course is an in-depth study of all the topics in a traditional Geometry course with the additional study of Right Triangle and Unit Circle Trigonometry.  It emphasizes the development of reasoning and problem-solving abilities.  You will routinely use technology such as graphing calculators and computer software to reinforce concepts visually and work both individually and in small-groups. It is intended that you will gain a mastery of the material presented and exhibit skill and confidence as a problem solver. You will be expected to communicate mathematically, in both written and oral forms, while solving real-life problems. This is an exciting course, I am sure that you will be able to accomplish all of these goals successfully.



    There have been minor changes to the Syllabus. Please note that order of Curriculum completion has been edited, and Grading percentages have been updated. Thank you.

    Geometry/Trigonometry Syllabus 18-19