• Welcome to Financial Literacy E-Course

    Please note: you ONLY have your scheduled marking period to complete the course. Please work diligently at your own pace and email me with concerns right away! A more detailed schedule will be shared on Google Classroom



    We will utilze MoneyU as our e-course. There are 3 parts to this part of the course

    PART 1- Pre-Test

    PART 2- Path to Wealth (see schedule for pacing)

    PART 3- Post-Test

    Dicussion & Final Project

    In addition, you will be responsible for answering discussion questions posted on Google Classroom and a final project. Please note: You should work on your final project on an on-going basis. Part 1 requires a weekly update



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    This course is mandatory in order for you to graduate. If you do not complete the course within your given 8-week period, you will receive an F for the course. If the work is made up before the end of the school year on your own, you will be given late credit per the rubrics, but a maximum grade of a 79. If you do not complete the course your sophomore year, you will have to complete the work over the summer. Failure to complete the coursework prior to the first day of school of your Junior year will result in guidance and administrative action which may include: taking a summer course at another school of your own finding, re-taking the course Junios year, or other measures.