UCCTI Application Information

  • Students interested in attending UCCTI, either shared-time or in the Transition Program, must apply in the spring of the year prior to attendance.  Applicants are selected from a diverse population of students in each of the twenty-one school districts of Union County.  Out-of-county applicants are considered after all county resident applications have been reviewed.

Application Process

  • Step One: Submit an Online Application

    The online application must be completed in the year prior to the year of attendance.

    Step Two: Submit a Student Records Release Form 

    Applicants are responsible for submitting a signed Student Records Release Form to their current school counselor or case manager.

    Step Three: School Records Submitted to UCCTI

    Applicants current school counselor or case manager will complete the high school portion of the Student Records Release Form and submit it with requested documents directly to the UCCTI Admissions Office.


  • The Application for the 2021-2022 school year will be posted later this fall.  Please check back soon!

Important Dates

  • November 1:

    Application Available