• Kean cohort SLE students

    Welcome to your corner of the SLE site.

    On this page you will find links to the paperwork that you will need to complete the recording of your days.

    Just a reminder that you will need 25 (4-hour) days to be recorded by the end of the school year. See your academy's calendar (at right) for the exact dates when paperwork is needed.

    Quarterly updates on your progress will be a part of the process. The final one is the overall summary of your experience.

    Look to the Google Classroom to submit your paperwork. Just be sure to log into your UCVTS Google account to access it.

  • FAQ

    1-) If I work for 8-hours one day... can I count it for 2 4-hours days?

    A-) NO. Sorry it goes by the calendar date. So working 8 hours is just one session.


    2-) I don't have class on Tuesdays. Can I do SLE hours on that day?

    A-) If the Tuesday's are days when Kean is in session then NO. You are already getting credit for that date. Check the calendar.


    3-) I don't come to the Scotch Plains campus that often, can I get you the papers some other way?

    A-) Yes! Check the Google classroom for the specific submission information.