• Welcome to the Parent School Alliance for the Academy for Allied Health Sciences.

    The Parent School Alliance is the parent group for the Academy for Allied Health Sciences of UCVTS.  Our mission is to support our faculty, parents and students and to provide volunteer and financial support for academic and enrichment activities outside of the school budget. We aim to provide an additional level of communication between the school and AAHS families to foster parent involvement and school pride.

    We provide volunteer support and funds for the following: Back to School Picnic; Harvest Festival; American Heritage Awareness Day; Relay for Life; Alumni Day; Senior Award; National Honor Society; HOSA; Teacher’s Appreciation Holiday Breakfast; Teacher’s Appreciation Spring Lunch; Project Graduation; Parent Education; and more!

    The AAHS Parent School Alliance is looking forward to a great year supporting our students and faculty! 



    Link Here to Agenda for upcoming PSA Meetings and Approved Minutes from past meetings

    Link Here to PSA News email archive

    Link here to flyers from PSA News emails (such as Drivers Ed; fundraiser flyers; Project Graduation flyers; meeting handouts etc.)


    PSA Meetings

    Join us at our PSA meetings to hear about what the PSA is planning and get updates from our student government and administration.  PSA meetings are typically held on the second Tuesday of the month usually at 7:30pm but may start earlier if we have special guests. 

    Our 2018-19 meeting dates: 9/11/18; 10/9/18; 11/13/18; 12/11/17; no Jan mtg; 2/12/19; 3/12/19; 4/9/19; 5/14/19; and 6/11/19.


    Spirit Wear Deadlines

    We fulfill spirit wear orders at various times throughout the year. Find an order form at any PSA event, on the PSA bulletin board in the auditorium hallway, or a PDF version to print on the right hand side of this website.  Submit payment and order form to the PSA InBox in the main office at AAHS.  Orders are typically fulfilled within 2-4 weeks of the order deadline. 

    Deadlines for Spirit Wear orders: 9/14/18; 11/2/18; 4/12/19 and 6/20/19.


    PSA Pretzel Sales

    For 10 crazy minutes each month from 2:50-3:00pm, the PSA sets up a pretzel sale in the main lobby at dismissal time.  Pretzels are $1. 

    Pretzel dates are: Thur 9/20/18; Wed 10/24/18; Tues 11/20/18; Thur 12/13/18; Thur 1/17/19; Tues 2/19/19; Wed 3/20/19; Thur 4/11/19; Wed 5/15/19; and Thur 6/6/19.


    Driver’s Education

    The Parent School Associations of AAHS, MAGNET and UCTECH, in partnership with Don-Tre Driving School, Inc. are proud to continue the long-standing tradition of offering a comprehensive driver education program on campus to all UCVTS students. Don-Tre Professional Driving School is a state certified school that can provide both the 30 hour Classroom Driver Theory and the 6 hour Behind-the-Wheel training to you.  Three sessions (fall, winter and spring) are offered throughout the year.  Flyer is available here

    We communicate via weekly emails.  If you don’t already receive them, be sure to subscribe at: http://tinyletter.com/PSA_AAHS.  We look forward to meeting you and working with you!  You can always contact us at psa.aahs@gmail.com

    Thank you.


    The PSA Executive Board



    To all new families, please join the PSA, either as a one year member ($20) or as a four year member ($70).  To our returning families, if you are a year-to-year member, it’s time to renew your membership! 

    You may complete the membership form (found on the right hand side of this page) and submit the form and payment to the PSA InBox in the main office or pay via a credit card by following the link below.

    Click here to pay by credit card:


    Executive Board 2018-2019:


    Birgit Berkow

    Co-Vice President / President Elect:

    Andy Zotos

    Co-Vice President (Fundraising):

    Assia Moran


    Kelley Hirsch


    Lin Versailles


    Committees of the AAHS PSA:



    Clothing Drive

    Dan Ronnen                      

    Pretzel Sales

    Kate Elagio

    Hospitality Committees          

        Back to School Picnic

    Birgit Berkow

        Harvest Festival           

    Deepa Kulkarni

        HOSA Potluck

    Mariana Burke

        National Honor Society Reception

    Nina Cheung

        Relay for Life PSA Hospitality Table

    Cristi Knee

        Teacher Holiday Breakfast

    Diana Benites

        Teacher Spring Luncheon

    Martina Aponte                               

    Membership Committee


    Student Directory

    Birgit Berkow    

    Parent Education Events


    Nominating Committee


    Project Graduation 2019 Committee

    Martina Aponte

    PG All Years Fundraising Committee

    Assia Moran, Joan Beckford

    Public Relations & Newsletter Committee

    Birgit Berkow

    Senior Award Committee

    Birgit Berkow    

    Spirit Wear Committee

    Susan Frei-Nathan

    Dine-In Fundraisers

    Kelly Corvelli

    Food Drive - UCVTS Coordinator               

    Martina Aponte


    SENIOR Student Liaisons/Representatives for the PSA

    Kaylee Morales