• The Union County Academy for Allied Health Sciences attracts students interested in the various health care career fields. In a groundbreaking initiative that combines the resources of the district and institutions of higher learning, the Academy for Allied Health Sciences gives students the opportunity to receive credit for college-level work while completing their high school education.

    Over the coming years, the health services industry is projected to grow at an unprecedented rate creating millions of new jobs for a well-trained and dedicated workforce. The curricular offerings and the health care career exploration opportunities at the Academy for Allied Health Sciences are designed to prepare our students to choose a career path as the doctors, nurses, medical technicians, medical assistants and health care managers of tomorrow.

    ALLIED HEALTH COMPONENT: Students have the opportunity to earn the American Red Cross First Aid certification, the CPR Certification for the Professional Rescuer and the American Heart Association Basic Life Support Certification. A sequence of focused health care career courses/skills, such as Rapid EKG Interpretation, and relevant career related experiences, including job shadowing/internship opportunities, are offered to expose the students to the variety of areas within the health care careers.

    The senior year culminates with coursework towards certification as Emergency Medical Technicians.

    This approach enhances the students' career path supporting their choice of colleges and universities at the local and national level.

    ARTICULATION AGREEMENTS AREA UNIVERSITIES: The Academy for Allied Health Sciences, in conjunction with Farleigh Dickinson University, Seton Hall University, Kean University and The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey provides its students with the opportunity to earn college credits during the course of the regular school day. Credit and grades earned through these collaborative programs appear on official transcripts from Farleigh Dickinson University, Kean University, Seton Hall University and The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.