• Name: Neetu Varshney
    School: Academy for Allied Health Sciences
    Subject: Mathematics
    Classroom/Bldg: 119, Baxel Hall
    Phone Ext: 828
    Welcome to my World of Mathematics!! Possessing Masters Degree from Delhi University in India, I have been teaching math for over 15 years now. Being with Allied Health since the school started in 2005 has been a beautiful journey and has given me an opportunity to touch the lives of students from different parts of the world.
    Mathematics has been vital to the development of civilization; from ancient to modern times it has been fundamental to advances in science, engineering, and philosophy.
    As a teacher of mathematics my efforts will be to get results from each student to the best of their capability. Math needs both understanding and practice. Students are always encouraged and appreciated to participate actively in all class activities. They are always welcome to ask anything that is not clear and come for extra help. I expect all students to practice a lot whatever they are taught in the class and request parents to reinforce this part at home as well.
    For any questions/ concerns, please feel to email me at: nvarshney@ucvts.org