•  !Bienvenidos a las clases de
    ñol 1 y Español 2!
    Name: Señora Johnson   
    School: Academy of Allied Health Sciences 
    Spanish Honor Society District Adviser 
    AAHS Mentor Chair 

    Classroom/Bldg.: Baxel Hall- Room 118         

    Phone Ext: 825
    Email: ljohnson@ucvts.org
    W S S Board 1                                   W S S Board 2

    Welcome to Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.  As your Spanish teacher this year, I am confident  that you will be successful in the language. Our class is one where you are always encouraged to progress in your language skills.  Always remember that a strong effort = success.

    IMPORTANT  NOTE: Please keep up with your work.  If any work is marked M (for missing) in PowerSchool, you can still make it up. You have 3 school days to make up work, after that, no credit shall be given.  If you are not present in class, remember that you are still responsible for the work.  It is important to always check assignments, assessments, and project due dates in your assigned Google classroom.  Assignments and assessments are also posted in the Google calendar for your assigned classroom found on the other tabs in this school website.
    **Tutoring available every Wednesday and Friday, period 5 in room 118 Baxel Hall
    Student must have a completed tutor form.  
    Click here for the tutor form: Spanish Tutor Form
    Course Syllabi here:
    AAHS Honor Code here:

      -Binder with lined paper -a couple of dividers
      -Pens and pencils 
      -Highlighters (2 different colors)