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Chess Club

  • Welcome to UCVTS Chess Club 2020-21

    Advisor: Khurshid Junus

    Here is the YouTube link to the club fair video: https://youtu.be/sJNKGrSuNPA

    Please read this link:  http://examinedexistence.com/does-playing-chess-make-you-smarter/

    Committee members:

    President: Jack Bard

    Vice-Presidents:   Sid Lal and Ron Bojanaro

    Media Fundraising Chairperson:  Debdip Sengupta

    Secretary:  Thomas Granville


     *Due to COVID-19, meetings will be held virtually.  Please register on a free site - chess.com and email your chess ID to jbard@ucvts.org*

    Please register in google class room under UCVTS Chess 2020-2021 using the join code 'moqck4e'. First zoom meeting will be held on Wednesday, 09-16-2020 at 1:00 pm. 

    Normally, our team members play in two big tournaments during the academic year:  Due to COVID-19, stay tuned for further updates in Google classroom on tournaments.

    1.  World Amateur and US East - held during Presidents Day holiday weekend.  

    2.  NJ High School Chess Champioship hosted by UCVTS Chess club and USCF (United States Chess Federation).  

    If you want to play in the above two tournaments, you must become a United States Chess Federation member.

    Go to the link: www.uschess.org and follow directions to join.


    If you have any questions, send an email  to kjunus@ucvts.org and jbard@ucvts.org