•  Gym teachers ROCK!!
    Name: Ron Del Prete
    School: MHS, AIT & UCT
    Subject: Health & Physical Education
    Classroom/Bldg.: Fitness Center/MHS - Room 133
    Phone Ext: NONE  ***  Please use my school email for ALL correspondence ***
    Email: rdelprete@ucvts.org
    Ron Del Prete
    Health & PhysicalEducation

    Please use my school email for ALL correspondence:   


    2018-2019 Schedule:
    Marking Period 1: 
         All Classes -
    Marking Period 2: 
         All Classes - PROJECT ADVENTURE
    Marking Period 3: 

        All Classes - HEALTH
    ** Since Health is a 1 marking period subject, failing the course will result in the student having to make it up in summer school **
    Marking Period 4: 
         All Classes -

    2018-'19 Major Sport: Soccer