Room 216
    Name:Adam Moskowitz
    School: MHS/UCVTS
    Subject: AP Biology and Scientific Inquiry and Analysis
    Classroom/Bldg.: MHS 203
    Phone Ext: MHS(x222)
    My philosophy of education is to teach students practical knowledge and skills that can apply beyond the classroom. During the school year students are expected to think critically and creatively, collaborate and compete with their peers, and gain insight into the complexities of science. My goal being a science teacher is not only to teach students, but educate them how science, society, and the actions of every individual are interconnected and dependent on one another. I have earned my Bachelor of Science in Science and Technology with an emphasis in Biology in 2009 and my MA in Instruction and Curriculum in 2010. I am also a Middle States Internal Coordinator for MHS, A Relay for Life Advisor, Robotics Advisor, District PD Chair, and a member of the MHS ScIP Team.
    “In the end we retain from our studies only that which we practically apply.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe