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    Fabiola Mejia


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    Insert Phone Ext. 243

Spanish National Honor Society & Spanish Club (District)

  •  Spanish Honor Society & Spanish Club

    Spanish Club is district-wide, open for students in each building interested in participating in the club activities.

    - Promote Hispanic culture between members.

    - Celebrate important Hispanic holidays.

    - Promote Hispanic culture appreciation.

    Spanish Honor Society is open for seniors in each building that has met the requirements of the chapter and has completed the application process.

     Club Council:

    President:              Sofia Diaz                  


    Vice-President:      Karen Vides


    Secretario:            Sebastian Ubillus



    Tesorera:                Vanessa Jaramillo


    Relaciones Públicas:  Roxana Tequitalpa


    Senador:                  Ryan Brown


    Historiadora:            Danielle Lugbauer

     Join the Spanish Club today 9/30/20 -Google Classroom:g4lx36h






    Zoom Meeting Link:  FABIOLA MEJIA is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Join Zoom Meeting https://ucvts-org.zoom.us/j/84379452230?pwd=VXNLZ0MwVVUxekZEQ3hSTStybkFzdz09 Meeting ID: 843 7945 2230 Passcode: 074507





    The Spanish Honor Society offers tutoring services on Wednesday Virtually from 11:45-12:45 p.m. Schedule an appointment in Google Classroom Tutoria:  https://classroom.google.com/c/NjAzMTU2NDIwNzZa?cjc=xrqwmsg

    Ven a tutoria

      Tutor Form 2020-2021form:  

      In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month Septiembre 15 until October 15:



    Hispanic Heritage Month Mask:  

    Personalize Mask, complete the form and in two days it will be available to you for $7.00


    Buy Art from our Own Students at UCVTS(coming soon)