• Jennifer Puglia
    Name: Jennifer Seiz   
    School: UCTECH
    Subject: Biology
    Classroom/Bldg.: West Hall Room 807
    Phone Ext
    Email: jseiz@ucvts.org
    Welcome to my page! I teach Biology to freshman, at UCTech. I love this school, the students and the parents and have been teaching here since 2003. I look forward to meeting all the incoming freshmen and welcoming our parents to our community. I earned my bachelor’s from the University of Delaware and my graduate degree in Molecular biology from Rutgers University. 
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    If you are visiting for AFTER YOU TIE DYE: 

    -Keep the bag tightly closed so as to keep the shirt moist. BE PATIENT!!

    -Let the dyes react completely by allowing them to sit undisturbed for 24 hours.

    -After 24 hours, remove the shirt from the bag (BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH IT TO OTHER CLOTHES/FABRICS!!) and rinse it with warm water until two things happen 1) the water runs clear with no color showing up, and 2) the shirt no longer feels slippery.

    -Wash the shirt in a washing machine set on HOT with the dish detergent (Joy, Dawn, or Ivory—only a tablespoon!).

    -Dry the shirt on the hottest dryer setting.

    -Once the shirt is completely dry, it is safe to wear and to wash again later with dark colors!!