• Chemistry
    Name: David Raite
    School: Magnet High School
    Subject: AP Chemistry, Introduction to Chemical Engineering, and Biochemistry
    Classroom/Bldg.: Magnet Room 222
    Phone Ext: 262
    Student Supplies for 2017/18
    AP Chem: I recommend a three ring binder and a scientific calculator.  It is recommended, but not required, to have a bound notebook for labs.  The calculator does not have to be a graphing calculator.  A $15-$20 calculator that does exponents is fine.
    Here is the Chem I Review to help with summer assignment and pre-requisite topics for AP Chem.
    Chem I Review for AP Chem
    Biochem/Chem Eng: Three-ring binder for both.  Calculator for Chem Eng. 
    All assignments and notes are posted in Google Classroom. 

     My Schedule for 2017/18
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