Name: Juan C. Alicea
    School: AIT/UC Tech
    Subject: Spanish 1
    Classroom/Bldg.: Bistocchi Hall - room # 607
    Phone Ext: 429
    Welcome to Mr. Alicea's web page for Spanish 1.  Contact Information:  jcalicea@ucvts.org (school email) 908-889-8288 ext. 429

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    The Spanish 1 syllabus information can be found at the bottom of this page. 

    Mr. Alicea is available for extra help with Spanish class at the following times:
    Mondays and Thursdays, and Fridays in room # 607 in Bistocchi Hall (AIT) building during 5th period co-curricular
    **** Please note very important: homework assignments, tests, quizzes, class notes, and class announcements are all posted on Google Classroom****
    **** If a student is absent from Spanish class then Google classroom should be check by the student to verify if there is an assignment due or upcoming test or quiz .
    Online Resources to assist in the learning of Spanish:

    Spanish I Syllabus – Union County Vocational Technical School (AIT/UC Tech) 2013-2014

    Instructor:  Mr. Alicea / Room 607 Bistocchi Hall / Email: jalicea@ucvts.tec.nj.us

    Course Description:

    This is an introductory course designed for students with little or no previous study of Spanish. This course teaches basic language patterns and vocabulary. Repetition and teaching in context using every day/real life vocabulary and sentence structures (comprehensible input) are important parts of this course. Focus is on all four language skills:  listening, speaking, reading and writing. Culture is also another important part of the course and is introduced through the use of media, games, films, and adapted readings and class discussions, all these activities will be done in the target language (Spanish).  Students will be introduced to many of the traditions and celebrations of Hispanic culture as well as how they relate to those in the US.  Studying up to date information about the Hispanic influence in the US and how this is shaping our everyday lives will be discussed throughout the course. Doing well in this class requires taking good notes, keeping an organized notebook, getting assignments done and turned in on time, and participating in the everyday activities which are designed to help the students’ learning.

    The following topics will be covered throughout the year in thematic units:

    1. Spanish History and Culture/Historia y Cultura Hispana

    2. Who am I? / My friends and I / Quién soy yo? /Mis amigos y yo

    3. School Life and Technology/ La vida escolar y la tecnología   

    4. Family life /La vida familiar  

    5. Travel and Food / Viajar y comidas típicas

    6. Fashion/ La moda    

    7. Literature/Lectura  

    Things you’ll need:

    A) Text: e-book for Spanish 1 is called “Voces” - Log in information and other details of the online book will be provided during the first week of school.

    B) Binder/Notebook (Only for Spanish class)

    C) Pens/Pencils

    D) Spanish/English dictionary (Paper Back is OK)

    How You Will Be Graded:  The following elements will be used to determine your grade.

    Tests                                                                                                40%

    Quizzes (regular and “pop”)                                                                20%

    Homework                                                                                         20%

    Class Participation Activities/In Class Assignments                                20%



    *Class Participation Activities/In Class Assignments can include the following activities:  grammatical exercises, in class readings, listening (comprehension activities), speaking activities (in Spanish) such as responding to teacher’s questions in Spanish, writing assignments, and activities working with a classmate while speaking to them or asking them questions in Spanish.

    If you are ABSENT:

    YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for getting missed assignments, class notes, or other important information such as upcoming tests, quizzes, project due dates, etc.  You can do this by sending

    an email to the instructor at jalicea@ucvts.tec.nj.us or go to the class school web page / Google classroom


    You are expected arrive to class on time in accordance with the class schedule and bell system.  If there is a special circumstance which caused you to be late please advise the instructor immediately upon arriving to class.  Habitual lateness will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the UCVTS student handbook.

    Academic Honesty:

    All work  submitted must be your own.  Copying from another source (another student, the internet, or an online translator, etc.) has no value as a means of determining your progress, and no value to you as a learning experience, and will result in a zero.


    • Respect your peers, your teacher, property and yourself.

    • Follow directions the first time they are given.

    • Ask permission in Spanish and sign out the pass before using the bathroom.

    • Contribute to class in a positive way.

    • No food is allowed in this class, but you may have water provided that it is in a closed container.

    • All electronic devices should be turned off and put away. This includes cell phones. Any infraction of this rule will result in a direct referral to the office.