Name: Gladys N. Avena
    School: AIT 
    Subject: Spanish & Linguistics
    AIT Yearbook Manager
    Classroom/Bldg.:  604 / Bistocchi Hall
    Phone Ext: 431
    Email: gavena@ucvts.org
    Please visit Google Classroom where you will find assignments, resources, and other useful materials for Spanish 3 and Linguistics class. 
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    Supplies needed
    Spanish 3
    • 2-ring binder (to be used exclusively for Spanish Class) with binder dividers
    • (Dividers:  Current Unit / Tarea / Notas del dia / Assessments
    • Pencils / Pens (black or blue ink only)
    • Loose leaf paper  for taking notes in class
    • Spanish-English Dictionarary
    • Chromebooks
    • Headphones for Chomebooks that allows you to record and listen


    • 2-ring binder (to be used exclusively for Linguistics Class)
    • Pencils / Pens (black or blue ink only)
    • Loose leaf paper or notebook for taking notes in class
    • Chromebooks
    • One Book Cover 

        LINGUISTICS COURSE SYLLABUS               

    Google Classroom:  Course information, including assignments, homework, test and quiz schedules will be posted on your students Google Classroom page.  Parents who wish to have access to Google Classroom must sign in using their student's UCVTS account.
    A 1/2   Spanish 3  Google Classroom Code:  b8fxge0
    A 7/8   Spanish 3  Google Classroom Code:  a1mrms
    A 9/10 Spanish 3  Google Classroom Code:  gbnq304
    B 1/2   Linguistics Google Classroom Code:  dyoww5w
    B 3/4   Linguistics Google Classroom Code:  1g8fr9q 
    B 7/8   Spanish 3  Google Classroom Code:  50wb89  
    Extra Help:  Before and after school by appointment
    2019 Yearbooks

    Yearbook Committee Meets:

    • Every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 pm in Room 618
    • Every Friday's period 5 in Room618