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    Name: Sedrak Jidarian
    School: Magnet High School
    Subject: AP-Calculus-BC, Multivariable Calculus, Mathematical Statistics/Data Science
    Classroom/Bldg.: 219/MHS - Mancuso Hall
    Phone 908-889-8288 Ext: 235


    Welcome to my web page!
    My name is Sedrak Jidarian, a math teacher at Union County Magnet High School.  I teach AP Calculus AB/BC,  Multivariable Calculus / Calc-3, and Mathematical Statistic / Data Science.  My academic background includes physics, mathematics, engineering, and business.  Prior to joining Magnet HS I worked in telecommunications industry with a wide array of responsibilities that covered R&D mathematics and engineering, software development, teaching, and several managerial and executive functions.  I enjoy playing volleyball and watching baseball.