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    Vive como si fueras a morir mañana. Aprende como si fueras a vivir siempre.
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    Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) Político y pensador Indio.
    Name:Fabiola Mejia
    Bachelor from New Jersey City University, Master Degree from Concordia University.
    School: Union County Vocational Technical Schools
    Subject: Spanish
    Phone Ext:  243
    Email: fmejia@ucvts.org
     Hola;  Bienvenidos.
    Aprende una lengua comparte una cultura.
    Learn a Language, share a culture.
    I am member of:  AATSP-The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. In our class we will take the National Spanish Exam for students who are interested.  
    National Spanish Exam Awards:  2017-18
    Gold Award:  Bianca Palomino-UCTech
    Silver Awards: Ciego Tumbokon -UCTech, Kailey Beckford- AIT, Karen Menezes-MHS, Daniella Jayinski-MHS
    Allen Du-MHS
    Bronce wards:  Victoria Dos Santos- APA, Nana Bediako-AAHS, Ammika Marie Millado- AAHS Javier Rodriguez- AAHS,Tanya Maini- AIT, Rachel Heerin- MHS, Angelique Berroga-MHS,

    Spanish I & II supplies list

     2" Three ring Binder

    4 dividers

    Loose leaf 8.5 X 11

    One book Cover

    One pocket folder

    Pens and pencils

    Headphones for Chrome books that allows you to record and listen.


    Divider’s  labels: Hazlo ya, Notas de la clase, Escribe/habla, Lee/analiza.


    Come to class prepared to be 90% in full emersion in Spanish all period. 

     This course will give students the opportunity to connect vocabulary, grammar, and culture for better knowledge of the language.  In addition, students will retain the core elements of skill building by listening, speaking, reading and writing to enhance the effectiveness of the language.  Our aim is to guide students into making the connections between acquired and learned knowledge.