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    Name:Donald Megaro
    Subject:Building Trades Technology
    Classroom/Bldg.:West hall 311
    Phone Ext:348
     Donald Megaro
    What a great place To find.... MANY MANY PATHS TO SUCCESS,YES  find yourself....... start beleiving in yourself today......... come into  a  program   that will  build  you a very rewarding  future     .LEARN TO EARN  !!!   For the students who want to expand their school experience to include a variety of trade areas Building trades Technology is the answer, our program provides a  comprehensive training as well ascredentials for those students pursuing  technical and college careers. Also  For the students that maybe unsure of deriction or  a particular Skilled Trade Technology area  B.T.T. This is the place you can sign up  and  find yourself The .BTT   program is offered to all share time and full time High students . Building trades offers more than just a job it provides career options and opportunitiesfor a lifetime  with a tremendous level of satisfaction. This unique and highly versatile program offers several trades in one .Students in BTT will learn some of the following skills. We have a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Our students are involved and  building houses for habitat on campus then shipping them to the site. Students shall be involved with the project from beginning to the end which is a  finished house for people to live in and enjoy as new home owners.