• Name:                      Patricia J. Schreiber
    School:                    Union County Vocational-Technical High School
    Subject:                   Commercial Art
    Classroom/Bldg.:    West Hall Room # 340
    Phone Ext:               908-889-8288 Ext. #320
    Email:                      pschreiber@ucvts.tec.nj.us

    Commercial Art Education

    UCVTS offers a solid foundational training for potential commercial artists. Commercial artists are primarily interested in expressing a client or employer's ideas. A commercial artist may be a fashion or graphic designer, title artist, illustrator, cartoonist or animator. Tasks can include creating designs, illustrations, computer graphics, charts, graphs and  layouts that make products or ideas more appealing to a public audience.

    The goal of the educational program is to provide students with a strong background in Commercial Art. Students learn to use various artistic tools to transform an employer's vision into reality. Coursework consists of the study in art history, drawing, color theory, commercial illustration, painting, and computer graphics.

    The program is a combination of classroom study and studio work, allowing students to gain hands-on experience using the latest mediums and techniques. They compete in Local, State, National and International Art Competitions and participate in various art exhibitions.. Our commercial art students are therefore prepared and armed with a portfolio to successfully be accepted to prestigious educational institutions including private design schools, colleges and universities

    Upon completion of the program, students will receive a Commercial Art Certificate after passing the Advertising and Design NOCTI Exam which measures the skills of those who complete a secondary technical program. The job ready assessment consist of both a written and performance component.