•                                                                            Welcome to UCVTS Chess Club 2015-2016                            Advisor:  Khurshid Junus
     Committee members                       Please Read this link: http://examinedexistence.com/does-playing-chess-make-you-smarter/                       
    President:  Thomas Rennar                                                          
    Vice President - Bruno Avritzer                                                                                                                                                                               
    Secretary - Daniel Pattathil                                                                                                                                                                                   
    Treasurer - Jordan Tantuic
    Media Chairman - Neil Makhija
    Fundraising Chairman - Trevor Abood
    2015 UCVTS Chess Champs      UCVTS 2015 Chess Champs!

    • UCVTS Chess Teams places in the 
      World Amateur Chess Competition 2015
      UCVTS Chess Team #1 Game of Thrones and Chess Team #2 Knights of Legend, competed in the World Amateur Team and US Team East on 02-14-16-2015 in Parsippany, NJ.  There were over 2000 chess competitors from all over the world and USA.
      UCVTS Team 1  placed  2/20 under 1000 and Team 2 placed 16/20 under 1000.

      Team one players were: Ms. Junus, Bruno Avritzer, Albert Wen 2, and Matthew Li.
      Team two  players were:  Nathan Simon, Albert Wen 1, Thomas Rennar, and Nicholas Paiva.
      Alternate/substitute player: Xavier Odom
    • UCVTS Chess Teams captures three 1st place individual trophies
      The New Jersey High School Chess Championship was held on our Campus on March 7-8-2015.  There were roughly 250 chess participants. Three matches were played on Saturday and two matches on Sunday.  The Varsity team is made up of 5 players and JV team is made up of 4 players.  Individual trophies were given to players with the most score on each board.  

      Matthew Li of our JV team took first place trophy on board three as he had won all 5 of his matches.  Thomas Rennar on board four of the JV Team took first place trophy for winning 4.5 of 5 matches.  Chris Fedorczyk of the Varsity team took first place trophy on board five for winning 4 of 5 matches.  In addition, the JV Team placed 6th in the state overall and their trophy is displayed in the  bridge link trophy case between AIT and the Magnet.

      Congratulations to all our Varsity and JV Players for their great performance. The varsity players were; Xavier Odom, Georgiy Rozenshteyn, Bruno Avritzer, Albert Wen 1, and Chris Fedorcyzk.  The JV players were; Richard R. Wen, Skanda Rao, Matthew Li, and Thomas Rennar.