•                                                        Welcome to UCVTS Chess Club 2019-2020                           Advisor:  Khurshid Junus
                                         Please Read this link: http://examinedexistence.com/does-playing-chess-make-you-smarter/                       
    Committee Members:
    President: Jack Bard
    Vice-Presidents: Abishek Mahtre and Sid Lal
    Media-fundraising chairman - Debdip Sengupta
    Secretary - Thomas Granville
     Chess Club meets on Thursday after school from 3-5 p.m. Place of meeting to be announced in September.
                                                                    Results of 2018-2019 competitions
    1.  World Amateur East 2019 -   See school website for results and players pix.
    2.  NJ High School Chess Championship 2019 - See school website for results and players pix.
    All chess competition trophies won by UCVTS chess club members are displayed in the trophy case located at the entrance of the bridge connecting AIT to Magnet.
    Students who wish to play in competition must register with USCF.     www.uschess.org