Organization Name: Union County Chapter, National FFA Organization
    School: UCVTS
    Classroom/Bldg.: West Hall, B 1-2 Room 015 and Greenhouse; Room 338 5th & 6th Agricultural Education, Union County Food, Agriculture & Natural Resources Program, The School of Sustainable Sciences
    Phone Ext: 378
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       2018 Spring Dutch Mills Bulbs Fundraiser

       Plant now for summer blooms: E-mail for details or see an FFA Member to see the brochure.  Popular Option: Bleeding Heart

    2018 FFA Horticulture Exposition Union County Results
    • Class 111 Cactus Succulent David Tohon 1st Place
    • Class 311 With Sympathy Stephanie Aristizabal 1st Place
    • Class 240 Going Green Colleen Clarke 1st place
    • Class 430 FFA State Officer/Alumni Folly Michael Jenkins 1st Place & Best of Division Adult
    • Class 432 Advisor's Folly Ms. Bonnie Baldasare 1st Place
    • Class 101 Flowering Bulb Plants 3rd Place
    • Class 111 Cactus/Succulent Foliage Plants 3rd Place
    • Class 110 Tropical Foliage Plant 5th Place
    • Class 321 Mother's Day Erika Pego
    • Class 111 Cactus/Succulent Foliage Plant 
    2016-2017 Union County FFA Vice President Alina Lam Wins
    2016 Fall State CDE leading the Union County FFA F&V Team to
    First Place in State of 25 Teams
     2016 NJ State FFA Fruits & Vegetable CDE 
    Awarded 2017 F&V Team Banner
    Alina Lam 1st Place Gold Medal & H.O. Sampson Certificate
                                                   Thomas Harris 4th Place H.O. Sampson Certificate
                                                   Colleen Clarke
                                                   Cathy Zawistowski 
    Union County Horticulture Exposition Results 2017


    March 10, 2017

    First Place                                    

    Annie Cheng                  Class 303 Oriental Expressions                             

    Colleen Clarke               Class 340 Going Green                                                           


    Second Place

    Stephanie Villanueva    Class 101 Flowering Bulb Plants                                 

    Stephany Aristizabal     Class 218 Sugar and Spice…                           


    Third Place

    Timothy Marotta          Class 101 Flowering Bulb Plants                     

    Alina Lam                    Class 102 Geraniums 

    Timothy Marotta          Class 111 Cactus/Succulent Plants             

    Cathy Zawistowski      Class 201 FFA Celebration                       

    Annie Cheng                Class 216 Thinking of You                   

    Marcellus Murray        Class 240 Going Green!                   

    Stephany Aristizabal    Class 311 With Sympathy

    Cathy Zawistowski      Class 315 Thanksgiving

    Ashley Rosen               Class 320 Mardi Gras!                   


    Fourth Place

    Timothy Marotta          Class 110 Tropical Foliage Plants                                                  

    Isabella DiCosmo        Class 121 Magical Miniature Garden                             

    Bonnie Baldasare         Class 432 Advisor’s Folly


    Fifth Place

    Kami Beckford            Class 111 Cactus/Succulent Plants                            



    Isabella DiCosmo          Class 120 Cactus/Succulent Dish Garden                 

    Cathy Zawistowski       Class 304 “Mid-Summer’s Night Dream”

    Aaron Etienne               Class 430 FFA State Officer/Alumni Folly                            


    100 Classes  Horticulture Division

    200 Classes  Live Arrangement Division

    300 Classes Permanent Arrangement Division

    400 Classes Live Arrangement Division Open to Post Secondary Adult Students, Alumni & Advisors                 

    FFA Motto:
    Learning to do
    Doing to learn
    Earning to live
    Living to Serve
    FFA Mission Statement:
    FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students
    by developing their potential for premier leadership,
    personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.