Club Name:  Intramurals
    School:  UCVTS
    Advisor:  Jenna Mirabella - District Coordinator of Extracurricular Activities and Events
    Classroom/Bldg.:  AAHS Wellness Center - Room #122
    Phone Ext: 908-889-8288  x838/x839
    Email: jmirabella@ucvts.tec.nj.us

    UCVTS Intramural Sports Program

    The UCVTS intramural program provides an environment where full-time students can learn, participate, and succeed in extracurricular activities that will enhance their education and social progression. The program not only provides students with athletic competition but also instructs students on how to improve upon their skills in the chosen activity. The program consists of two seasons of sports activities, one in the fall and one in the winter. 

    Season I
    (10/2/19 to 11/20/19 )
     Mondays - Sport Volleyball (Proctors -  Mr. Anthony Weiland & Ms. Tara Delmonaco)
    Wednesdays - Sport Basketball (Proctors - Mr. Mike Stauber & Ms. Kaitlyn Johnston)
    Season II
    (2/3/20 to 3/16/20 )
    To be determined at a later date...
    Permission slips and physical forms nee to be returned to our District Nurses, JOHANNA SHERER (ABRAMS) and CHERYLE FOSTER in order for students to participate.  
    Season I permission slips are due by FRIDAY - SEPTEMBER 27, 2019
    Season II permission slips are due by  FRIDAY - JANUARY 23, 2020
    PLEASE NOTE: The school district requires a physical from a doctor BEFORE your son/daughter is allowed to participate in the Intramural program 
    Permission slips for Season I can be found by clicking on the
    Permissions Slips Link on the Intramurals Club Home page