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    Club Name: Relay for Life (AIT & UCTECH)
    School: AIT & UCTECH
    Advisor: Ginny Botti-Oels & Anthony Weiland
    Phone Ext
    President: Anthony Muschiatti
    VP of Logistics/Accounting: Keanna Grelicha, Rhiannon Leonardo, Helen Malkinson
    VP of Kickoff & Historian: Danielle Dror, Grissy Sime
    VP of Mission & Opening &Closing Ceremony: Deepika Ontera, Justin Sousa
    VP of Survivorship & Luminaria Ceremony: John Miklencic, Sean Yu
    VP of Prevention & Spirit of Relay Ceremony: Bolu Ojuno, Andres Salazar
    VP of Activities: Estefania Castillo, Angalina Gutierrez
    VP of Decorations: Esther Park, Max Toll, Bryant Wang
    VP of Fundraising: Dan Brody, Eliis Sarturio
    VP of Communications: Nicole Ferguson, Hannah Seewald
    VP of Public Relations: James Bokoske, Emilia Widhiatmodjo
    Text Alerts:  text @6a38ba to 81010
    RFL Google Classroom: a19aimp
    RFL website: www.relayforlife.org/UCVTSNJ
    RFL KICKOFF: Nov 22, 2017
    RFL EVENT: March 23-24,2017
    6pm-check-in starts please check your time slot
    6am Please  pick-up behind Bistocchi Hall

    Bring your Student ID to event to swipe in!!!
    Juniors & Seniors Drivers:

    *If it is absolutely necessary for your child to drive home from the event, you must submit a note by December 8th 2017. Your child will be required to sleep for at least 4 hours during the event. No student will be allowed to leave the event prior to dismissal at 6:00am*

    Check Relay Forms page for additional information